"In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time."

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Riverfront listings of Saint Paul. Saint Paul is a historic city, vibrant with culture, eccentric people, and employs many creative opportunities. As a thriving city voted as one of the greatest places to live, this urban center with its sprawling suburbs all need excellent communication skills. Many local advertising and design agencies focus on consumer and business communications offering many fine services. If your company needs communication services such as, marketing, design, production, supplies, or other services look at our sponsors or list a personal ad yourself. Let’s make St. Paul a great place to form creative partnerships with the many talents that live in this amazing city and suburbs.

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Welcome to the Saint Paul riverfront.

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WELCOME to the SAINT Paul Yacht Club

The St. Paul Yacht Club has been in continuous operation on Harriet Island since 1912.  We are dedicated to safe and affordable boating for the citizens of Saint Paul and surrounding communities. We are proud of our facilities and our location in Saint Paul’s premier public park – Harriet Island. For decades boats of all sizes leave our marina to head up river towards Minneapolis and downstream towards Hastings and Prescott where the mighty Mississippi meets the St. Croix. Great swimming and fishing spots reside all along the windy rivers shores .

The Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation

The Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation is a  private, non-profit organization that works to stimulate economic and community development through urban design. With the belief that urban design significantly contributes to Saint Paul’s quality of life and business climate, we serve as an urban design resource for community redevelopment efforts such as the Central Corridor Light Rail Line, the Great River Passage, and Lowertown Saint Paul.

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