"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs

Saint Paul was designed around the massive Mississippi river, this major water-way leads straight through the city and curves its edges along the sturdy levies of this incredible city. This includes the design of the railroad, historic stone buildings, amazing bridges, vast parks & wetlands, bike trails, and many lasting landmarks. Design has always been an integral part of Saint Paul and integrates its services well into many lasting businesses. The advertising field started early with many printing and publishing companies springing up in lower town and the famous West Publishing that held it’s strong presence overlooking the river as it formed its way up the large limestone walls of stone that hugged the shores of the mighty river. Now many small design firms, printers, web developers, fashion designers, social media providers, and mid-sized advertising agencies like M. R. DANIELSON Advertising serve their clients for three decades with integrated marketing & design. Creativity, marketing, video, photography, and digital art are all part of the growing communities talents and services provided by designers and artists. Visit our sponsors, our lists, and submit a creative design business of your own to the city guide for your inclusion today. Design helps make our city aesthetically pleasing and allows us to better communicate our thoughts and ideas through color, graphics, and modern day communication tools. Let’s make Saint Paul a great place to form creative partnerships with the many designers that live in this amazing city and suburbs.

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Welcome to the world of design in Saint Paul.

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Michael A. Difronzo - Web Master, Programmer, Designer

Don’t let just another web design firm build just another website. Build your site with me and create a real “Wow” factor that you and your customers will love. With my vision and experience, and your direction, we can create the website of your dreams together that is just as unique as your business. Can’t wait to add your site to my portfolio!


M. R. DANIELSON ADVERTISING is a full service communications firm specializing in integrated marketing and design.  Our agency is a leader in business and consumer advertising worldwide because we understand the concept of simplicity. This magnificent process we employ produces successful marketing and dynamic creative.  Our secret to success is how we integrate your brand, print, web, social, broadcast, and analytics into one cohesive communication package. All this energy and service from one impressive and amazing agency.

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